Every design project presentation is its own design project — we should give it the attention it deserves, and put more effort and pride in how we share our creative output in the workplace.

Documentations, presentations, and spec-work are the bread and butter of communicating design ideas in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary work environment. Virtually every part of the user interface goes through a process of creation, presentation and revision — from complex registration flows for yet another data driven hyper-social media platform, down to the simple button color change from one shade of blue to another.

I spend a good 60+ percent of my time trying to communicate and align my design solutions with peers, PMs, engineers, and the occasional C-level executive. By looking over co-workers shoulders, I don’t think I’m alone in…

How you can make the virtual meeting an integral part of your next group exercise

Running a virtual design challenge is not easy: the standard of providing a simple setup, requirements, and restrictions does not work as smoothly when you have to exchange a whiteboard for an awkward combination of video chat, screen share, and holding way-too-small-to-be-readable notes and scribbles into the camera. This problem holds true for 1–1 interviews as well as team challenges within a design group; current technology is simply not as intuitive, fast, and reliable as a whiteboard, a pen, and the palm of your hand to erase your dead-end ideas.

In the Fall of 2020, we faced this dilemma when…

Can JENGA help share what an UI makes you feel?

Does this sound familiar to you? You’re shopping online, everything is running smoothly, until you enter a step in the checkout process that results in a sudden drop in confidence and trust, and an increase of second-guessing.

I entered this state of mind just the other day when I bought tickets on a platform I hadn’t used before and felt overwhelmed by a “too wide for its own good” purchase funnel (you know, with all those bells and whistles of a countdown, upsell interstitials, and ad banners left, right, and center). While I cruised through the ticket selection without noticing…

Thomas Sonsalla

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